Veal liver

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Liver is a polarizing food. People either love it or hate it. We’ll guess what? I love it!

It can be prepared in various different ways, it’s done quickly and it’s not a big deal if it remains a bit raw on the inside. What’s not to love about it?

How to prepare it? You’ll need the following:

  • liver (lamb, veal, pork, from highest to lowest quality)
  • garlic (to spray on top)
  • potato and cabbage (or something else as an appetizer)
  • lard (to fry it on)

Cut the liver into steaks roughly 1 cm thick. Add some salt to it if you want to.

Heat up the lard in the pan, not too hot not too cold. You’ll find the right balance with time.

Add the liver to the pan. Rotate it roughly every 10 minutes, three to four times so each side gets fried at least once or twice.

All in all, they should be done in about half an hour, that’s why I prepare them last. To eat them while they’re still hot.