Meat stew

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This is one of my favorite recipes. It’s delicious and can be prepared in large quantities. The preparation lasts three to four hours and it involves a lot of chopping and stirring, but it’s worth it.

People usually add flour to thicken it in the end, but there is a better way, and it’s gluten-free. To achieve that, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 3 kg of onions (the quantity is a replacement for flour)
  • 3 kg of meat (beef & pork or beef, pork and venison; aim for shoulders that have more meat, but also some fat)
  • salt, pepper and ground pepper
  • lard
  • water
  • wine (optional)

Slice the onions into small pieces, place them in a large pot, add some lard, fire it up and stir from time to time. While it’s melting, start chopping beef into small one centimeter blocks. About half way there, you’ll probably have to add some water to the onions so they don’t burn up. Two glasses should do it.

Once you’re done chopping beef, add salt and pepper. Once it’s spiced up, add it to the pot and stir for a while until the meat changes color. Add some water if necessary, but make sure you heat it up first!

Once that’s done, start chopping the rest of the meat, pork and venison if you have any. You have 40 minutes to chop it all and spice it as well. After those 40 minutes are up, add the rest of the meat to the pot, stir and add hot water if necessary.

You should be stirring the food in the pot every couple of minutes and adding water for the next 2 hours. Once the meat is soft, add a spoon or two of ground pepper and continue stirring it.

Half an hour after adding the ground pepper add some dark wine if you have any. On this quantity, 2 glasses should be more than enough. Stir it for 10 more minutes and shut it off. You’re done.

Wait for it to cool down a bit and start serving. The rest you can freeze for the rest of the week or two.